Wednesday, September 20, 2017

La Policia Esta a Traves de la Ciudad y Aqui Ahora Estoy...

... not affected at all. I wonder if I should go out on October 1, just to see the special forces & whatnot.

"You're a sheltered kid!"

Yes and No. 1, I'm not a kid anymore.

2. I'm not sheltered. I worry a lot, have a bunch of fears, and don't like trouble. But,  you know. You know.

Anyway. People say more and more these days "it's none of your business/ it doesn't concern you/ what does that have anything to do with you"

but the entire purpose of life is to take, to make meaning out of things that aren't yours.

that bread and sauce up there, you didn't make them, you had no participation in its existence, yet you got it off of the shelf and now you're eating it.

I don't get it. Spaniards are nice, the only time they talked to me on the street was to greet me, briefly too. But I ask myself if I can handle some of the louts in London. You know, the stories I keep hearing about harassing turds in the tubes. I don't know.

I know if and when it happens, I won't be able to use "what does that have anything to do with you" as a defense mechanism. If someone feels the urge to come up to you and say something, it's got to be because their life- or they think their life is affected by you or your kind for some reason. I can never just brush it off like it never happened. Any time someone feels strongly about something to say or do something it's worth noting. They may be wrong, but much of history is made in the wrong. Ignoring it just never works.

You may find it silly that I'm preparing a proper response for an imaginary confrontation that may never happen. I'm just simulating the scenario, trying to understand every person I come across. It may seem weird for an asocial person, but whenever my sphere brushes against someone else's, I feel everything.

Can an extremely empathetic person be asocial? I think we both know the answer to that.

The way I see things... the perspective I developed in the past few years... months actually, makes it very confusing. I don't search for consistency anymore, or do I, see- that's the thing. It's like I'm in this constant wavering state, yet it doesn't deny everything I find to be true.

Anyway. Seeing things happening here up and close, I don't know what to make of it. What can I do besides watch? Not a damn thing.

Oh yeah, NK situation has got more aggravating. You gotta be wondering how I... things concern me, Diary. Things happening all over the world, including Africa now, legitimately concern me. I suppose it's part and parcel of growing up eh? Six degree contact, something like that.

I mean yeah, since Hilary lost I guess we don't have to get all tangled up on how she plays the blame game no more, let's focus on the POTUS now. He's not "a better choice" compared to somebody, he and himself is a problem.

There is no good candidate, that's the thing. We have evolved to a point no decent candidate can be offered to the mass population.

That's just great, man.

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