Friday, September 29, 2017

I feel like a lil tart .

I got the Advent Calendar today as I'm giving Rituals a try. It's a great samples collection, but I had to ask myself, what do you need all these plastic bottles for? I feel very guilty about this, the same way I almost never buy bottled water or soft drinks, and especially since I looked at dolphins in BBC documentary. Plastics are just annoying in general (ew SHUT UP)

I'm sorry.

God  I'm going to bed Diary.  One day I will stop being abusive to myself in my head.

Also I meant to comment on the smells. There are so many fragrances flowing in the air right now. There are like four different smells. Bathroom smells like orange, sorry, mandarin, tangerine? Here is the linfa, upstairs the Ritual of Ayurveda spray, and a different variant in the sachet.

A few months ago there was no smell at all. But all these smells don't affect me as much I thought.

God, bless October 1 will be a peaceful day, and Catalans and the rest of Spaniards will soon find a way to be good countrymen.

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