Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to remotely install VPN

First you go like this

2 go like this

final step - go like this



God some of the lines. It's a great show, it really is. It's just I'm better at detecting discrepancies perhaps. Like one second Lincoln said "maybe not" ( to "no way" )  ( that Westmoreland could help them burn the rec room) the next when the crew was actually considering it he went "no way the man is a boy scout".

What do you think Lincoln, do you have a chance or not?

Ah whatever. Don't think about this anymore. By now it's obvious that I can't say "don't pay attention to it" because clearly I'm going to pay attention to this but.

Dear God I just want you to know I'm facing a daunting task. I'm trying to distract myself but I'm slipping into a suppressed frenzy.

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