Friday, September 8, 2017

Dr. Hill

I was just looking on YT before bed and Whad'ya know, I found Dr. Hill in the "game" that I loathe... "Until Dawn", is played by the same actor.

I hated the game for the same precise reason that it basically copied actors in mocap. I hated the guy playing Mr. Robot, his fucking ghoulish eyes haunt me to this day.

But now I'm intrigued for the same reason. Because... that's Abruzzi's voice... and face.

I know. This has got to stop.

Dreadful game. Dreadful story. Wendigos are hideous and bullshit. I have problem with these folk tales, I'll tell you about it later.

Damn, some guy did an asmr impression of Dr. Hill. This is a far stretch. Dr. Hill is a far stretch from Abruzzi, and this guy is a far stretch from the actor who plays him... I gotta think straight.

I must not download it and convert it to mp3 first thing in the morning and port it to my phone. I will not do that.


I can't have that whisper in my ears.


I'm getting to the bottom of the whole context enjoyment thing, too.  Naturally, it only brings about more questions, but I've found some answers, too.

Sometimes, you find answers in form of questions.

And that's how a rabbit hole goes down.


Ah Diary, a lot of real work to do. Let's hope the rack comes in tomorrow. Today. It's today.

And, I don't know, should I go somewhere this weekend?

Also, tomorrow, I think the timing will be right. How long does it take for home fragrance to dissipate? It's another faggoty thing I'm trying now, and I'm sorry. I just feel like I need good smell at home, like I'm in a spa constantly. All the time.

How long does it take to fill 60m2... sorry, 72m2, or is it 78... surface area doesn't matter in this case, in fact it needs to be reducted for overlap. What's important is it's open space, the volume is about 120m3. So how long does it take to fill 120m3 of air? 10 straws. It's certainly slower than I thought. Hopefully tomorrow, but that's quite alright.

I haven't talked to you about food in a while. I fucked up steaks, too, if you want to know. I got enough ham and melon, and I don't want to talk about it for another week.

It's a good thing I ...  now.

What it is... what it is...

I know I sound crazier every day despite the normal things I cling onto.  Hang with me.  We're finding answers, yet time is so limited.

God wills it.

Don't make me say it... "Deus Vult"

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