Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Clothes are a replacement of makeup

I'm listening to Cowboy Bebop tracks man. It is fucking superb. I never watched the anime because I thought it might be a story about actual cowboys. The whole cowboy/western thing I just cannot dig. I honestly really dislike the whole theme. But let me Google the plot later, what if it's not actual cowboy stories you know.

It's the whole thing related to being cowboys. I fucking hate those boots and the way they talk and the whole duel at dawn and sandstorm and tumbleweed blowing thing. Santa Fe, Albuquerque & Flagstaff remain endearing cities in my heart, but I didn't see none of the fooleries while I was there.


It just occurred to me h'why it all seems so hard on the eyes when you wear heavy makeup with elaborate prints. I mean we all know it but! I just realized that clothes are a REPLACEMENT of makeup


yeah that's right. You can do it intuitively, but isn't it better to know why? If you're wearing baggy clothes, heavy linen, big thread weaved shirts & stuff, you can get creative with the makeup.

But! If your clothes are already gorgeous, better keep that face clean.

I was actually pondering why I hate t shirts so much today and that brought it up. Now it makes perfect logical sense.

My dislike for t shirt (and plain clothes in general) is bc I don't like makeup.

If ur goin to wear shitty simple clothes you better wear a lot of makeup.

But you just have to clean yourself up if your clothes can speak for yourself.

Yeah I know, some people are exceptions in that they can look good in plain clothes & no makeup, that's the facial features. No, deep down I always know I need the complement of clothing.

It feels so good to finally have closure on this thing.

I wonder if those attractive people mostly choose to maintain an effortless lifestyle. It doesn't seem so. From what I see they seem to go extra miles to create the perfect image. But SAD THING IS!!!!! They are often dictated by people with lesser tastes. If they can be original with their own style, that's the best thing.

Anyways. At some point in your life you feel like caving to peer pressure, and I'm glad I came through unbent. I went through the t-dominated teenage years without wearing 'em (pretty much) and kept a unique, favorable image in "public eye". It is honestly such a relief.

It's one of those strange reliefs others can't quite understand. You may be standing there one day remembering something and it gives you such calm and peace. Could be this street food you tried this one time, could be a small accomplishment in a game you invented yourself in a yard, could be the fact that you never wore much t shirt your whole life. Anyway, that's me. From now, any time I'm stressed, I'll think about the fact that I went through my life wearing that sort of garment, and it'll calm me down, fosho. And it's even a bigger relief knowing that the older I (people in general) get, the less I'm going to see t shirt. There won't even be such peer pressure eventually, that's just great.

Self-acceptance is also important. Although I own only 2 t shirts, sometimes I feel pressured to wear them when I go out to meet people of my age. I shouldn't have to. Sure I'm not stupid enough to wear a suit to a hippie gathering but. maybe not a regular white shirt either. but, maybe one of those tops that are a bit... active?? I guess?

No I'm not meeting hippies, it's just there are a lot of hippies in this town.

Anyways, I love suits. That's why I love London so much. Wouldn't be weird for a woman to wear a suit there all day every day. Oh God. I want to wear and rotate all my suits. Suit Suit Suit.

I think there are a couple phases to shopping for clothes n online shopping is phase 2. I'm about done.  I need a compact wardrobe with event/occasion/function specific clothes. I can't buy clothes that just seem pretty. They must serve more pragmatic purpose.

Therefore I have to have at least 2 t shirts with me at all times, just in case.

I don't enjoy it, it's for social emergencies.

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