Monday, September 18, 2017

Carrie has got to be one of the most retarded films I have ever watched


I can't explain to you how inane the plot is. Makes me rethink the whole of Stephen King. I mean, this is the extent of his imagination?

I guess you either like him, or stop telling yourself you like him.

I read Joyland, and I told myself it's great stuff, mainly because of the one little detail where the cart or something turned around from the ride and it had a little scrunchie in it or something. Something like that.

There is no reason I would enjoy that book.

God, all of the stories don't make sense. They're 1000% pointless, and I only wanted to be able to say I like Stephen King. I don't.

They're so retarded I want to cry.

A homeschooled sheltered weird girl gets her first period & doesn't know it & gets bullied. Why is that such a big deal, I mean to this extent? Why does one of the girls who called her names have to whore out her boyfriend, like how did anyone even come up with that as a solution? Can you imagine if two guys had beef and then one of them lends out his girlfriend for a few days like what even is this. Why does Stephen King have to write about high school it's like the Eskimos writing about tropical seasons. I just can't. Why?

These must be illusions man. All these celebrated "artists", "writers", "singers" that totally don't make sense and have no skill, logic or imagination.


I'm going to watch Silent Hills to calm down.

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