Monday, September 4, 2017

Abruzzi is so cute

I'm re-watching Prison Break, since I have no more shows to watch this season. In fact, nothing to look forward to other than SV finale, GOT finale and BM Season 4.


I will always remember Prison Break as one of the best TV shows. Tension, action, GOOD characters. The characters are so good.

My first time watching it, I was just following the story. I was not even in high school. Seems strange it's only 12 years ago. It feels longer. Wentworth Miller could've shown more emotions, I mean a greater range, but I didn't notice the first time around. I remembered him as "the protagonist", I guess that shows it. I think Agent Kellerman was one of the most memorable characters for me first time around, and then Mahone, but perhaps only after I read some posts on the forum.

Anyway. I remembered Abruzzi too as a good character, but this time... for the first time I saw how cute the character is.

Now I want to make it very clear that by cute I mean "endearing", like the guy is clueless most of the time, he looks clueless, but can get the job done. It's just so cute. Like he's supposed to be this mafia don, right, but he like, is so wide-eyed, cooperative, has no control over the big picture, can't do nothing to Mike (aside from the toe), and is all around a pretty well tempered guy. But super reliable. It's jolly hilarious.

Bellick is a pretty well-rounded character, too.

I'm on episode 10, and I just began to realize like many others, this protagonist is almost pure evil, too. There is pure evil antagonist, and the good guys are pretty evil, too, causing endless death and suffering.

The show has a very interesting setting. I keep wondering about the many messages one can see from it.

Of course T Bag is one of the best characters, too. Top notch character in all of TV history.

It's just I find in order for me to find someone endearing, I have to be able to find a connection there somewhere. It's somewhat a relief that there is zero between me and this character. I'm more of an Abruzzi. It's that simple.

It's that artless. I finally begin to understand just how subjective you can get as an audience. This isn't just some random musing, you know why I'm telling you this. It's important.


You see... I don't actually know what other people relate to. Clues are everywhere. I just can't see it. I can fake it. I can't understand it.

The sadistic killer lady hasn't come out yet. I never forgot her. She's up there with Kellerman.

Now let's think.

Relatable... relatable... what makes them relatable?

I don't want to read any bullshit article... sorry, "studies".

Just think.

Cause it doesn't make sense to save Lincoln Burrows after the first casualty.

They didn't know the full extent of the backstory. They didn't know the justice they will end up fighting for. They're crazy.

I suppose it's foolish to search for "relatability" here.

Elsewhere then.

I  honestly can't tell you how foreign it feels. I try... I try to feel what other people are feeling... wanting... besides the obvious.

It's really, really hard, but it's part of understanding humanity.

I have to do it.

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