Friday, September 15, 2017

a rebuttal to "The Encyclopedia Britannica was expensive, useless, and exploitative. I’m glad it’s gone."

"Useless" i can't even

ignore that


It (Wikipedia) isn't organized at all. There is no master index. The two are structured completely differently.

All- random- specific

All 3 are needed

Wikipedia is good for Specific

forums are good for random  (I consider both reddit and YT forums, and Twitter prolly, sadly there are no better place to hang because there is no bigger place to hang)

Encyclopedias are All

Anyway since we on zis topic I don't... can't just buy them as social media and call it a day. It's like calling a painting "canvas painting", yeh but, what is it? It can be more specific, you know?

So those are forums. I don't think Facebook is a forum it's just filthy and sad, it's so sad

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