Friday, August 4, 2017

Sweet Irish

I'm never saying I like/dislike a group of people based on one experience. It's the sum and percentage.

I honestly like 100% of Irish people I interacted with. Funny good bastards.

About 90% from Canada.

About 80% from UK.

About 70% from Australia.

About 60% from India.

About 50% from Italy.

About 40% from Spain.

About 30% from Middle East.

About 20% from other Asian countries ( but they have the biggest number)

The rest I don't know that well on a personal level

You should really make lists like this every once in a while so you know where you stand.

Now out of all these people, I only find the Irish endearing. It's a special term for me.

aw yeah

Holy shit I forgot the US. LMAO I forgot about the US!!!!! LOL let's leave it at that

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