Saturday, August 12, 2017

PLN 10

Got Poland trip booked. What's interesting is despite my strong resistance to budget airline, Ryanair has the best time... If I go with Lufthansa I have to suffer transfer both ways and the timing, it's just bad. Same for all other airlines. Ryanair doesn't have the perfect timing, I have to spend one extra night in Warsaw, but I'm OK with that.

I'm taking care on this matter.

A few years ago, I hardly knew anything about Poland. Now, in the past several months, I learned a lot about it... quick. It is a special place. If countries are people, Poland has some of the best stories. Best as in... you know what I mean.

I find it curious, yeah, I'm curious about it. I feel like it's a place where you can experience by just being there. You don't have to build stuff on top of that. Walk around its streets and observe its people... as if that's enough to give you a good idea of its character and past.

I could be wrong. Anyways.

There are some reports on Europeans hating tourists, well, mass tourism, to be precise- lately. Where I used to live... my second hometown receives great influx of tourists each year, too. But I'm always excited. Yes, their culture is radically different, but they came because they appreciate our land. I can never hate on tourists, diary. Though I'm not the loud kind, I just feel like the rowdy ones need defending, too.

Can you believe my neighbor is still fucking at 4AM? Here I am trying to write a cultural entry in my diary, and it's been... oh wow, it's been 2 hours. 2 hours of moaning, I didn't realize. He really fucked her good.

I was going to read up on our old pal Octavian, yes still absent from recent plays. But I thought the literature would be good. Now I'm just rethinking staying up. I wouldn't have heard any of this had I gone to bed early.

Oh, and an early delivery tomorrow. You know, I've been to enough bakeries around here to not be able to spot the difference- store bought bread is just as good. Carrefour cakes, let's try them.

And I'm thinking about "reviving"... no sorry, more like starting my channel. The ASG doc may be blown out of proportion but it's good material. I can distill the truth. That and MK (1st) now deleted from Archive G, that online record is the only one left.


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