Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Opinion 2

How glad am I that my teenage years are not recorded on the web. I mean, I've heard many people express this belief.

It's fine for teenagers to have cringey opinions, it's only normal cause they don't know about stuff. But, but you give them all these mediums and they go crazy. They can't even go back and delete what they said years later cause internet. The best they can hope for is falling out of relevance, which is most likely. But I can't help but imagine this nagging trauma at the back of their head, causing them to go through the rest of their days with such burden.

They'll get over it eventually, of course. But I just don't feel like contradicting their opinions, or look at them even. It's hard.

The world really don't need so many opinions. There are already too many of them. Like... you know?  Even opinions made by the "bestest" peoples aren't all that...

When is anybody right about anything? Good God. So many things are just... are just... there is no...

God Diary. I... yeah.

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