Saturday, August 12, 2017

no duck, says "?"

The entire reason I'm ordering from Carrefour is because they have duck breast and legs. Muscovy variety. And  then they told me it all ran out. So I ended up with all the stuff I don't really care about.

Glad I didn't order too much cake. It's meh. Guess I'll have to hit the actual market from now on. It's good, getting it fresh. I should do that.

Summer is interesting cause, just like winter, member that story I told you at least a thousand times? Let me tell it one last time. When I went to college in this town that apparently snowed a lot in winter, I wasn't sure if I was ready for it. I got a very thick coat but I wore it in like late fall. So like not too long after school started. And I told myself this just won't do it, I have to wait till the worst freeze to wear it. So I tucked it away and roughed it out like all the other kids, wearing a 3/4 capri at one point. And I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting. And the leaves are gone. The grasses are dead. I don't know if they're dead but, listen! just listen. And snow fell even. And the wind blew with much gusto. And still I told myself "the coldest time isn't here yet."

We had fucking blizzard one time and I was wearing a pair of summer jeans there and then. That's how stupid I was as a freshman.

And one day, walking up the hills, I just, I just saw little green buds coming out of the ground. And suddenly I realized the snow was melting. Only then it hit me- the coldest month was over several months ago.

It's like that, diary. They keep telling me how hot it can get around here, so I told myself: don't gorge ice cream until the worst heat has come. And I scarfed all M bars and Häagen-Dazs varieties in like May. Or April. Then I told myself the same thing. Don't do it again until the worst days, or else you ain't goin make it.

Annnnd it has passed. It's totally chill now. Not like "chill" chill, but I don't need to turn on air conditioning ever again until next year. So. I don't know.

You think, that, being an animal, I'd be able to detect this kind of stuff. Seasons. Temperature changing. I should be able to sense the ice caps melting, damn it. Yet I don't know the weather if I'm staring at a live forecast. Every time I go out I'm surprised by how the weather is, cuz it's never how I imagined at home. I just...

I can't eat duck, I can only assume that I'm not meant to cook duck anytime soon, and I'm late on ice cream binge, I just...

you know h'what , I'm fine with it. I'm fine. It's a non-issue. I'm sorry I even talked about it. Whatever.

Yeah ima tell you a real exciting one next.

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