Sunday, August 6, 2017

Little Ears

God blood dripped on the floor! I'm sorry. Day 2.

Do you have any idea how fast my hair grew in the past 2 months? It took more than 4 months to reach my shoulders (barely) and bam! Now it's this long. My bun is touching the seat on my back, WTF. Can't very easily lie down now, can I.

Aw diary, today I learned people care about me. People I knew from long, long time ago, think when I was 3. Are they just saying or do they actually care? It wouldn't make sense. Anyway, that's nice.

I read the retarded Googler manifesto also. It's just, it's just retarded. There is not a second word to describe it. Ugh. Clearly a well-rounded education is not important anymore these days. How long do we have to play these made up games?

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