Thursday, August 31, 2017

Landing a spot on Yahoo

So this is what it feels like to have your company mentioned as an industry leader on Yahoo. I still don't know the cost of a 10 outlets media buy, but it's interesting I guess.

Yeah, a whole lot of front page info is Press Release mixed with news. When that happens you know it's a media buy (most of the times PR shouldn't generate immediate impact). Got it.

Anyway. How embarrassing is it that I got chocolate on my mechanical keyboard. I got it out, but I shall be careful from now.

I look more and more like a faggot every day  :(

No. No Diary. I won't be.

Let's see. It's automatic. Makes sense.

It bothers me. I can't stop thinking if I have a dick how hard I would be. You don't get wet when something good happens. It doesn't just happen. I wish I'd know what it feels like to be hard. How affirming that would be, y'know.

I'm over it.

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