Tuesday, August 22, 2017

La Revue When Google Met Wikileaks Redux


Julian "Master Shit-Stirrer" Assange is one of the most articulate living figures I have ever come across. His thoughts are lucid and easy to follow. I would remember all the examples he used in the interview, the pyramid of censorship, Stanford in the 70s, simulated annealing etc. What more can you ask for in a deep & wide conversation?

While JA is answering all the questions with (mostly) well reasoned words, Eric Schmidt is busy looking like an arrogant retard. I can't believe that at the time of the interview, ES :

1. Does not understand Tor
2. Does not understand magnet links
3. Does not understand bitcoin

The arrogant part is subtle such as telling JA to run his 20-people empire while commanding, what, 10,000 people himself?

Does this guy even know what blockchain is? Holy Hell. This alone is enough to convince me that Google is wayyy past its former self. Seriously how the hell do they put someone like that in charge of the world's largest technology company- not to mention, Jared Cohen, a policy wonk at the helm of Google Ideas (now Jigsaw)?

Google/Alphabet no longer has sympathy for the young people who are willing to bend or break rules for what they perceive as justice. The company itself has aged like a person and no longer appreciates progress. What I can't stand the most is they would even go so far as to make some of the technically inclined yet independent people into "cyber-terrorists", equating some of coding bootcamps to terrorist training cells. It's not the malice it's the retardation.

HOW THE HELL DO YOU HAVE A CODING BOOTCAMP THAT IS A CYBER-TERRORIST TRAINING CELL! It's like they are insinuating that terrorists use special terrorism programming language. Everybody uses the same programming languages you retard! A terrorist can use what he learned in college/by himself/from any legit channel to jailbreak all sorts of shit! What defines a terrorist is not the technology he possesses but the intention! In which case the computer part of the computer camp does not matter! As if there isn't already a lack of people who want to learn codes, the world's biggest technology company has to spread discouraging message like this.

JA amplified warnings of the "empire state of mind" and Google's desire to gain political power - from collaboration to collusion. However, none of that is surprising if you look at how Google Maps started off from Keyhole, a state's surveillance product. As Google deviates from the Californian startup culture, there are many others who don't aspire to become the central power's accomplice. But this is a main point of the book and I get it.

This book gives you a very good idea of the values behind WikiLeaks, its underlying technical philosophies, etc. but perhaps more importantly, and it's a tad disturbing for me- JA's personal "temperance". Yeah, he would use that word.

Now, Eric Schmidt may be a tad ignorant at the time of interview, but what he lacks in knowledge he made up in well-founded paranoia. When they asked what if technology will enable mass manufacturing and distribution of misinformation- a very legitimate concern if you ask me- Julian Assange simply attributed triumph of the truth to goodness in humanity. Essentially, that's what it is. The interviewers thought some kids are bad, Julian Assange said nah, they are good and want to prove it. This strong faith in humanity is NOT what I expected at all. Then he went off a little unhinged, saying he doesn't necessarily care about a battle with casualties as long as everybody fought with bullets of truth. Pretty vivid, eh? And then I recalled earlier he observed that lies usually led people to war. And he magically concludes that if that's the case, then truth might lead people to peace.

Think about it. There is no actual logic in the last statement. He's certainly trying, with WikiLeaks, but a whole bunch of stuff in there contradicts itself.

So I'm glad he published the whole transcript. JA as a person definitely deserve some of the criticism, and paranoia, like I said he's a master shit-stirrer- but none of the criticism and paranoia prescribed by ES & Co.

Anyway it is a really an enlightening read. Just... one... more... thing.

Les femmes dans la littérature

The greatest move LS made was to spill water on the laptop.

The Catalan woman.

It's so embarrassing. God it's so embarrasing.

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