Thursday, August 24, 2017


you know, for the longest time I've been making strawberry smoothie cuz "it's the only way to go".

But today I discovered that just fruit is so much better. The color is more vibrant than it is in the pic. But look at it.

Restaurants serve smoothie cuz of "economy" reason. You can get as much (in foam) with a bit of milk and 1/3 fruit. But the taste of just strawberries, oh so good. This red is so appetizing.

Appetite has crept up to be one of my top problems, which is embarrassing. Oh yeah, watching a sea of cool delicious red juice coming at me, into my infinite black hole that is my mouth... oh yeah.

Fig jam isn't so much a success. I didn't use enough sugar. I didn't think it was possible, but for that amount, yeah... I'll still have to finish it somehow.

I coupled it with Carrefour's rubber cheese today, talk about regret. Where do I get good cheese around here. It's an interesting question because it should be hella easy. I'll find it. I gave Carrefour 1 chance and I won't go there again.

It's just I grow up hearing stories about food waste and I can never bring myself to do it. I have to finish all the damn cheese I got. It's sad.

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