Sunday, August 27, 2017

I won't give in to staring

I had to change my living room arrangement again this afternoon- for the last time. I live in a densely populated area and the people across the street look out all the time. Old folks, supremely old folks. They look at everything with their mouths half open.

Younger folks living above them. I already have my blinds half down most of the time, but today I decided- fuck it.

I will not sacrifice my light for gawking. Fuck them. I've got my tactical plant placement, and as for the young folks above across the street, I don't fucking care anymore. Look, all you people do is look.

I fucking HATE to be looked at.

I fucking HATE to be talked to.

Fuck. Fuck. FUCK.

I don't care. I don't care anymore.

This is MY life. Look all you want you dumb cunts.

That said I'm surprised and worried that one of the trees seems to be dying. The Dragon Tree is all well and good- God I love dragon trees. Look how it thrives under my care. I also wonder if tree can tell who's your favorite. It's clear that the Dragon Tree is mine. But this plant that's dying- there is no reason to be. I water it, what else does it want? And I don't know what could be its replacement, it's the exact kind of tree I want for that spot. As for the composition pot, of which the orchid and thorny flower had already died and been removed- I'll prolly get a vase and fresh flower for that. You know, fresh off of the stem.

Anyhow, I need 2 plants there to block out the view that's directly cast toward me. Fuck.

Hope you can tell I'm angry.

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