Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Human Diversification

I actually remembered I shouldn't criticize GRRM for the TV ... and I actually remembered rating the book 5/5. I didn't leave any word which is rare and makes it highly suspect. I have to read another one to be sure. But I do remember this conflicted opinion I had about it. This 5 is DEFINITELY not like Ouroboros 5.

Anyway, I spent 3 (!!!!!!!!!) hrs familiarizing w/ ... and I should memorize them, too - some arguments.

And earlier today I was thinking with all the information the kids are exposed to today, what problems will the newer generations face. I'm not talking about "just information"- I'm talking about since now, easier than ever, a teen could've traveled the world when they're still, you know, a teen. It used to be a life goal and only a few could ever accomplish it.

Kids are more mature in so many ways nowadays... or I mean, they're supposed to be. Member I talked about choosing a political side? Other stuff as well. I wonder if there will be an un-insignificant number of... say, young 20s who have gone through three divorces. That would be crazy. But kids do learn that fast. They will learn all about managing portfolios in school. They will gain so much by iterating quickly. They learn from their mistakes each time, but each mistake is made early. Nothing - no critical information is off-limit to them. So the center point of my problem is, what if a kid generally experienced "life" before they turn 30?

Highly possible, right? I feel like I already understand what that is like. But only they can fully comprehend it - since they will experience it first hand. So many of them.

They will become more critical, no doubt. But where will they search for new meanings?

Why am I suddenly worrying for the future generations?

I guess it was just a thought. But it is also a very interesting problem.

The thing is, although I don't work with kids, at all, I feel like from the things I read -  I mean, if they done extraordinary shit, I be seeing them on paperz, right? Yet from what I've seen or heard, there aren't many. Yeah, there are some app developers, but however lucrative, that never screamed street cred to me. I just mean cred.

I mean. Where can I observe the general trend here? Should I check the general increase of SAT scores in the population? I mean that's not even a good reflection of...

I'm assuming, right, I'm only assuming kids are becoming that way because it's inevitable that various instruments for self improvement and wonderful experiences will be made available for them. I'm trying to grasp what unique problems this maturity brings.

It's pretty crazy if you think about it. Where have the kids gone? I can't even observe the kids even though we are living in the same society. I honestly don't know what can give me a good idea.

If they are still doing beer tally, I'm sure there is a reputable report on this floating somewhere. Never looked it up, but if kid problems truly interest me that much, I'll find it some other day.

But then it also occurred to me, you know, there is no need to be so curious about it. Think, what other kids in human history were like this? Royalty. Yeah, old royalties. They traveled to lands near and far, had all sorts of amenities, learned with masters, understood politics, etc. The new kids will simply be like them. Now I don't know if they can get more entitled - I feel as if we have peaked in this generation - but they're going to share some problems. I actually haven't researched Old Royalty Problems either, but somehow I know they're not as special as one might think.

I mean, the apple tart is OK. I don't know why I thought it's "apple pie", no. God there is so much cinnamon in apple pie. That's why I like apple tart, it has no cinnamonz. No good person would add cinnamon in food.

What does nutmeg taste like?

Yeah, diary. So, that's it.

I'm sorry I got too good a rest last night. If I go to bed now I can't sleep.

You know, this "profiling" - I call it - it's a generalization process with a background quantifier. I would say that. Yeah.

OMG I lost so much hair today btw. I was pulling my hair out again. I don't want to do it again. My poor hair! I treat myself so badly :(

So this "profiling" I call it - actually I am a little tired - plus why do I do anything, right? To get a better understanding of the world is why. I always say generalization is a dangerous thing - it's a dangerous, delicate job. It never means omissing exclusions, in fact you have to keep those in mind all the time. But it's necessary to do a thorough job with as much data as you can coherently align.

I know the Data Scientists prolly have some jargons for how to optimize this shit, but I'm certain I know it better than most of them. That's a bold statement, but I can back it. Plus, it varies a lot in their industry how much they organically sort the data. Context analyzing is WEAK.

Analysts. Whatever the fuck they're called. There aren't enough of them in as many fields. And NOT JUST FOR BUSINESS INSIGHT.

Do you know how badly a transition from a pure acadamic background to a pure business setting back to an academic setting- a more rigorous one- is?

It's fucking hard.

But, I've spared all the feelz I have for today. And tomorrow.

You know, I also wondered what is next when people don't trust any media anymore. Think back on wartimes, WW1 censorships can cut off information about the Spanish Flu, isn't that as big of a war crime depriving people time to prepare for it? Now, news sites turned into content farms n people don't trust them. That's a bit unnerving, isn't it? Yeah sure you can still check nat geo and the like from time to time, but this is kind of a huge deal. When media starts losing its power, even I have to wonder where to turn to next.

I have many concerns, diary, but I admit none of them deserves me pulling my hair out. Now that's a bad habit.

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