Saturday, August 26, 2017



so why are there helicopters hovering again?

Oh I dreamt meeting some old minor school enemies in a multi-level supermarket last night... this morning. Two. It don't matter.

Oh I looked it up. It's a anti-terror march. Apparently it ends right here. And King Felipe VI is here. They say he is "the first modern Spanish monarch to take part in a demonstration"? Hot damn. Should I go see the King? It's prolly too crowded. I'll look at some helicopters tho.

Oh it's too late. I just put my shirt on and I hear people. I open the window and see people passing by. Kids are playing football. It's over.

Oh well. I might as well take this opportunity to address terrorism. You might think I'm taking this lightly. I'm not taking it lightly, it's just I think terrorism is exceptionally retarded. I know I use that word a lot but hear me out.

Terrorism, right, it's a great, powerful political tool, but that's it. It has no power or meaning outside of the political sphere. When it's a famine, it's a famine. When it's a massacre, it's a massacre. I don't think all insurgent, extreme acts fall under terrorism, not to mention they're often reactionary. Terrorism is really at its core a political activity. I have never had too much interest in political activities... oh wait, that's not true. There was a period of time not too long ago where I was mighty devoted in...

But not now, and my idea of terrorism never changed. Terrorism stirs a lot of terror in a lot of people's heart, which is a political effect. Talking about casualty, amp up safety instruction for drivers or promoting healthy lifestyle will make a much bigger change.

A lot of people are devoted to pure political activities these days, especially kids. That's one thing I was glad JA identified & mentioned in the interview. I was just saying today how none of us, me & my friends - were all that political when we were teens. In comparison, today's kids are prolly already having to choose between "libtard" or "cucks". I don't mean it's a bad thing though. For 100 000 who mindlessly follow whatever, there's bound to be at least 0.1 who can see for what it is. Some independent thinking. Holy hell, that's like 300 people in the US alone! How nice.

Seriously though. It's a trend that's bound to happen, like feminism, because the society is becoming more stable. People get more comfortable, things are shifting. The feminization of men and independence of women are transparently and irreversibly leading to equality  people have been chanting for the past sixty years. I hope they don't call it communism when the productivity reaches a point where all talentless retards can live happily as their most original self. It's just societal evolution.

But you know, it also occurs to me that there are people who take advantage of terrorism- those are the ones with real malice because they have no goal,  and therefore their action is not a means to any end. They simply love chaos but leech onto others to accomplish it a small dose at a time, which is truly pathetic & condemnable. Those don't come in the equation. They are shortsightedly hateful indeed. Yeah, I hate a person without a purpose more than anything.

Oh I just opened the jar of mango and it's starchy. Oh My God.  I'll stick to fresh fruit from now on.

I looked up yield ratio once more but I realized it don't matter at this point. I have to get it fresh. And the color of the salad. I had no worm today (prolly bc I washed it) but maybe I made too quick a decision.

I'm sorry for what I said about summer, too. Where would mango grow without summer? "Frost-free" it says.   OK.

I'm going to lie down for a bit.

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