Thursday, August 3, 2017

fucked up yo

Ah I don't know what to say.

I went through all the notes on my phones today. When I took the note, I had the idea to sort them at least months later. That was the right decision to make. I have taken some ultra ridiculous notes. I just... huh? I don't know how I had some of those notions. I'm glad I waited.

It didn't take too long, I guess. About 20 notes in 3 hours. I'm glad I have waited.

I cooked the Montsia bomba rice today. I now know for sure that the best rice is in Asia. You can easily get rice so delicious for so cheap, I mean it is so delicious that you can just eat it by itself. Rice over rice. 10/10. But this bomba rice tastes bland.


OMG if rice can taste bland with Indian curry I don't know what to say.

I cooked too much it seems. I might have used nearly 100g of rice.

Anyway. I'm not perfect, diary. I mean, I'm so far from perfect. Some things I've written just 2 years ago, up till 2 months ago, are just... I... oh.

It is all folly. Really, diary. All folly. Foolish foolhardy folly.

I'm not cool. I'm just tired.  So very tired when it has barely started.  

It will be done.

I wish God will talk to me again. My mind is cluttered with all this... it's not important.

How are people different from clones already?

But still, disappointment in others I can handle, in myself I can't.

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