Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Forgot Title

Colon Cancer

Fake Radio

A Fake Song


I dreamed school again last night. It's an extremely sexy woman, brunette, w/ long flowing curly hair, black leather outfit with sheer black stockings to match- teaching a philosophy class. There was a cognitive hierarchy, but I challenged it because I don't think Crowd or General necessarily ranks above one another. I don't remember exactly what my reasoning was. It probably never made sense because it was in a dream anyway.

Anyway, she was not happy. And suddenly it hit me, expensive private schools are expensive not because they offer more intellectual advancement, but because of comfort. People want to feel... "know" they're right.

If "wrong" doesn't have an opposite, are you still OK with being wrong all the time?

It's not a choice, but a matter of acceptance.

It was a dream. Don't dwell on it anymore.

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