Saturday, August 26, 2017

Dwight Little

It's been a looooooooooooong time but I watched Anacondas the hunt for blood orchid today again.

Tonight. Yeah.

I don't know how the movie stands in today's market, but it remains one of the most impressive horror filmz to me. Can't go by everything on IMDB score, you know.

It's a film. Not "just a good ol horror film", but it's got its msg, philosophy, memorable characters and stuff, a whole package. That was considered such a norm back in the day but you don't see them anymore. All the Marvel / DC bullshit films. I mean even if Dwight Little likes those, I think it's shit.

There are so many memorable scenes from this movie. They did so much and they were so clever. Don't let anyone tell you the FX is bad because of budget. Yeah the snake isn't hyper-realistic, but the shots in the waters - damn.

And you know, by clever I mean in a well written, coherent day, not "witty" bantering we see hippies do in today's films.

Take Jurassic World for comparison. How lazy it is. What a snoozefest. Kids can't get a scratch and have to talk about family drama. Family drama from beginning to end. Nobody went to the cinema to see family drama in Jurassic World. (and with no resolution, it's just time filler, how sad)

People are so fat and relaxed.

Anacondas stuck to everything that is important, the main story. Time is important. We focus on the adventure, that's it.

Oh well. It's the flow of human history.

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