Friday, August 25, 2017


I can't pinpoint what's unnerving me. Do I sound like a deranged person?

Isn't it crazy that after a quarter of a century, I still haven't found a way to resolve stress?

We all maintain our library. Everybody maintains some sort of library.

Think about how many libraries are out there.

There is another mosquito here.  I can't find it.

Why am I stressed?  I'm better than an hour ago.

It's not panic.  It's stress.

I did have a good burst of productivity, if you can call it that.


I'm fine now  &  I'm going to bed.

One last thing.  Look at this

and tell me if it isn't weird. After coming to a new continent for 1 year, the woman found a job as a housekeeper n stayed on the very same spot for 19 years. She literally made no progress.  That is a dangerous message to send.  And people are eating it up.  It can't be either heartwarming or inspiring.

Top comment says it humanizes help, OH WTF. They're people!  You don't need note, education, anything, to know that!  Oh what a crock of shit.

Oh it's so weird.  I seen the decline of humanity.

I can't even look at some of the things people praise nowadays.

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