Saturday, August 12, 2017


I don't think it's a unique experience anymore, but I do think that leading a double life gave me valuable perspective on both sides. I reflect upon it sometimes.

I've had online stalkers who greeted me day and night, sent me unsolicited nudes and stuff. And I've had snarky ones who opened the line with they don't want to have sex with me even though they saw that I was asexual. I've really come to appreciate a man's position. See, the thing is, me being a girl isn't at all remarkable, it's just the typical stuff. The only valuable insight is me as a man.

I suddenly realized if I were a man, I would have to deal with that shit irl. It is really tough. What's interesting is, most women are like fairy creatures, they are kind and have a good heart. But they have these fantasy and pressure that compel them to behave in such retarded ways. They really don't know how to interact with people, both men and women, after all these years. I keep hearing how women like to work with people, but as far as my observation goes, they are not really good at it. They contradict themselves constantly and make too much assumption, because they simply can't be bothered to learn.

Men have true malice, yet they're equipped with the tools to get away with it.

Every time a girl has a retarded conversation with me, I think about how horrifying would it be if I were a man, having to date such a thing. What's more tragic, being a woman or having to date one? I think I'd rather put up with myself. I can't imagine walking around every day being attracted to flesh shapes that are utterly devoid of reason.

They say women are self hating creatures. Maybe, if you are rating on intelligence. But I can't remember how many times I thought it should be based on intention. Even kicking and screaming, and not making any sense, a woman wants the best for the world and the best for others. There is always hope, forgiveness and gratitude in her heart. So we can't call them self hating. She hates that everything is not perfect and she doesn't have whatever she wants, she may feel inferior but she doesn't really hate herself. And she may be jealous but she doesn't hate others. Fundamentally, women are creatures of love.

Now I've said this hundreds of times,  I don't believe in love.

I'm just marveling at how, despite all this, all the rejection and harshness a woman can throw that a man has to endure. They don't have any other way because they are attracted to these vacant shells. And they deserve to suffer such insipid souls because they are pure evil.

How lucky am I that I have a choice.

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