Monday, August 14, 2017

bitter soup

I never liked beer in the first place. I'm just compelled to try them "until I find one I can stand" like all the other people. I opened a can of San Miguel, it's awful. All beer is awful. But I know of beer bread and stuff. I was going to make soup, oh I'm so sorry, heat up soup- store bought soup- today. So I poured the rest of the can into the soup, thereby ruining

1. the soup

2. the beer

3. the meatballs I hand rolled with spices

The... soup... is... bitter.

I want to cry. Who drinks bitter soup?

It's like punishment. My cooking is my punishment! Oh God Why.  No... no no... why.

I can ruin things by putting two and two together. One and one together, sorry.

Oh I am so sorry. This is the best suffering isn't it. You want this?  I don't want it.

The zumosol juices, they are more expensive but bitter also. It has rind in it!

Bitterness... bitterness...

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