Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why are they so entitled

Is being European or worse, Norwegian or Danish supposed to automatically give you perks? I didn't know they still look down on Americans so much. Even in the emails it's like they demand your attention.

These people. They always open with such proud lines:

Hi, we are a European company (that's when they're from elsewhere)


Hi, we are a Danish/Norwegian company

like that's their primary identity. I'm like woah watch your big ego. Then they never specify what it is that they do, chances are they're ripping off someone in silicon valley and they think an American would like that European flair. I've seen them attempting to charge 10X for the same service and think they can actually pull it off. HOW STUPID. And when you don't reply to them because they look sketchy as fuck they send you such, I mean SUCH a follow-up email where their tone completely changed into a kid who's denied candy by his parents.

"Hey we sent you a msg 2 days ago and I haven't heard back from you. If you aren't in charge redirect it to your boss" something like that.

It's like OMG how entitled are these fuckheads. It's so cringey.

Indian people do this sometimes too. It's a different scenario cuz they been spamming 10000000000 peoplez and they can get tired and impatient from doing the same shit over and over again.

But when these European assholes have spent time targeting the top dogs they think just because they spent their precious European time sitting on their European asses browsing the internetz they should catch all the attention and reward on the other end.

Good Lord. This superiority complex is a disease. Oh I'm glad Spaniards are mostly not like this. It's the main reason I have no desire to visit the Nordic countries. I mean ofc they won't do this to your face. But 1, I read all the Norse myths and I find them unattractive and boring. 2, this shit. They are both cultural.

Some people are like "oh they're rich and relaxed and I wanna visit"  please what does that have anything to do with you? Do they give each tourist a little pouch of gold when you get in there? More like the opposite. Honestly man. If you want to see the northern lights yeah I do actually, then there's a pretty good reason to go. But that's not a national thing, you know. Nature cannot be a national pride. A nation's got culture and that's it. Not even technology is a national pride. You literally cannot derive national pride from anything other than culture. Laws is a part of culture, too btw

Anyway. I'm not mad or anything. I swiftly replied and told the guy we're not interested. It's nothing, really. I actually do appreciate the startup culture in those countries and Belgium and Netherlands, it's just their lives are too easy and they take everything for granted. I don't know which asshole has been indulging these people but they need to quickly adapt to globalization. Nobody worships a race or certain nationals anymore (right? right? no but I hope) and they need to treat business like business.

I don't like how US companies often sign you up for unsolicited mailing list either. Oh yeah, mailing lists are huge in the US. Fuck that shit. 10/10 I found good stuff on my own. It's not a paradox. If you have to resort to these tactics your stuff ain't good nuff.

There is something I dislike about every country, diary. Overall I dislike UK a little less, but just a little. I know they probably have the biggest ego of all and are definitely the most entitled and they fucking rip people off, but these folks never lack any manner.

Hell, like is that too much to ask these days?

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