Monday, July 17, 2017

Still Looping

Right, dreams!

I felt like I spent 26 hours in dreams last night. Two very, very long dreams full of action that I don't remember, but the third one, I was on an adventure with grandpa. Not a real grandpa, more like a Joseph Joestar type of guy. Still a bit slow and drove me insane sometimes. We knew we were being targeted - well I knew we were being targeted, and we had to be very careful going where we were going. We were in this big building with so many cool white marble stairs and some vigilant and hostile security guards, and we had to deliver these keys somewhere else. I had this bright idea to make a decoy key and I gave Gramps specific instructions as to how to play it. Needless to say he failed and I had to come to his rescue.

There is a sensation to this dream- kind of predictability within the scenario- I can plan something and see how it will go. There is still tension and pressure, but I like the excitement as things unfold. Especially when I made plans every time on time.

The first two dreams are not only very long but very good also. I really can't remember. God I'm so sorry. I bet it has to do with the curtains being closed- having those dreams in the first place, I mean. I shouldn't be too lazy to close the curtains every night.

Oh I'm still looping the clean strip club theme btw. It's got to be over 200 loops now. It's so imprinted in my head.

Wait! Oh it slipped. I don't remember the other two.

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