Thursday, July 20, 2017


I had a dream in Chinatown , sort of. They have rooms there exclusively for Chinese youth at 30-40 euros a month, but they're totally in ruins. The walls are totally peeled and there are hundreds of cigarette butts lying about. Then we had to catch a bus/train/flight and there was a surprisingly clean toilet with shower in the bathroom in the waiting hall. Then I met this Chinese man who is said to be a young elite, smart and good looking, but he is not good looking at all. It was really disappointing. In the end something went down and we all had to each take a plane and fly it to a place. This man was late but he made it. He told me that he couldn't figure out the IP address needed to unlock the control panel of the plane, but then he remembered this company that IPO-ed this morning and he got it, and that's when I thought- in my dream- that this guy is pretty smart, cause I haven't been paying attention to that company. It turns out I'm taking interest in SS ( town ) and he is living there with his average-looking girlfriend who I think is perfect for him. Next scene I'm in my little apartment and I'm hugging this loving dog that's in the other room to be adopted- it's like a computer generated dog, it doesn't need to eat or be taken care of in any way until I decide to adopt it. I'm not sure I was going to because even in my dream I backed off at the thought of having to pick up after it. The Chinese dude had this encouraging look, but it made no difference.

So there, that's last night's dream.   No  comment .

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