Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Salted chips

Who puts vinegar on the chips? A weird flavor.

Well diary.

Two bugs have committed suicide in my drink this week. Once left unattended, apparently both Porto and cocoa make great suicide spot for these things. Drowned themselves in the lakes.

I always smile when I think of Georgie's line : "I couldn't commit suicide if my life is dependent on it." You start thinking about why things are humorous to you especially after you have rehashed these lines a thousand times, and I think it's the themes. It's the things you deeply agree with. When someone expresses the same opinion in a provocative way, it pleases you, so you laugh at it.

I will never laugh at fart jokes, because it's just disgusting to me. I shun the subject altogether. But whenever you joke about death- I've noticed this- it will almost always make me laugh. I love it.

I lean into some of the stereotypes myself, diary. It's a coincidence. I mean, I'd like to think that it's a coincidence, but how original can you be? Living in the same context as everybody.

That's OK, diary. I am perfectly fine to have something old fashioned.

Oh dear, do you remember second grade? I had such awful handwriting, it's still not pretty today. I have to improve my penmanship.

The recent Swedish leak reminded us to be careful about where to store sensitive data especially in cloud space.

But let's not worry too much.

I wonder what other girls are writing in their diaries...

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