Saturday, July 8, 2017


It's good to be back. It's my first time seeing Cirque du Soleil and I'm impressed. It's worth it. The costume, stage design, storytelling, not to mention the choreography - it's more than choreography, right? Since it's acrobatics. It's all so very creative, and 75 minutes were fleeting. I felt like I could be a child again.

There is no other reason for me to visit Andorra. I am foolish, diary. I thought I could come at the green area on the map and be in the forest. They're all walled off. I could not find an entrance to the forest. How ridiculous. I walked everywhere. One just can't go into the woods very easily.

I followed the big river Valira that coursed through the city for a while. I don't know. It doesn't make sense to live there if you can't go to the forest in any & all direction.

Andorra la Vella is all shops. One does not need more than an hour for that. It so happens I found myself in need of perfume. And here is the thing, diary. I don't "wear" perfume. I only spray it at home, so I can smell it. If it happens to linger when I'm out, then that's that. But there are certain fragrance I want to feel...

The Juicy Couture ones I tried last month smell different today. One of them smelled like nail polish. Lord no.

Now I have Magnetism from Escada, for fruity flavors. And Bonbon from Viktor & Rolf. It smelled great in the store, I just used now and it smells a bit different. Not as sweet as I remember.  CDC's Black Pepper is on its way. I know it's for winter, but the chill pepper and leather smell will keep me focused.

You require cleanness, you require a clear mind. You require smell, taste, looks, functions. The beauties and fragrance of the world. The struggle as well as happiness of others. The movement of the world. I was away for two days and it looks as if the whole world has turned a round. A million things happened without my knowledge and it feels like I've missed out a ton. How does any of it work?

I'm traveling less and less, diary. Now I know more than ever that I have to be centered.

I'm sane, aware, tired. I got to know the country a bit better, diary. I had some thoughts.

Night diary,

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