Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Not So Fast

I am sickened somehow. First, I lead a small group of 3-4 to victory/success in dream. Details don't matter. Cept light in darkness.

Now, I am sickened somehow. It could be -

1. Things I read today. I would say it's common, normal response.

2. Classical music. For the utter lack of context. I tried, looks like I have to limit that to 1 hour / day.

3. Lindt chocolate. My bad for getting the "luxury collection". Each and every one tastes the same, worse than black chocolate, that slippery texture mixed with sugar particles just really put me off. There is only one taste. The nuts are cheating. You either eat good chocolate or don't eat chocolate at all. Nobody needs that shit. Lindt is officially off my list.

Unlikely but it could also be due to my over-ingestion of porn this week. I ranked the stuff by likelihood so it's most definitely the literature, but I wouldn't rule it out as a contributing factor.

Porto eases me a little bit. I'm going to try Pedro Ximénez next. It's true what they say. And there is a right time for everything.

I'm only human, diary. When my heels are OK, let's try the group sketch thing once.

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