Tuesday, July 25, 2017

"no border"

In some of the wild fantasies... I barely have energy for this. In some of those grand high tales, Earth will not have bordered countries no more. I just...

There is this incredible lapse in their judgment because they just can't see...

Why? Why would humans ever want to get united? What in the history of humanity has ever brought people together, in that sense? Tired of war is not loving peace. Good Lord. I can't even.

Why? Why do people fantasize about such a nonexistent future? This is as dumb as the simulation theory. How can anyone think we're living in a computer simulation? Just because the computer was invented not too long ago and you're in awe, doesn't mean anyone should buy this crap theory. Good Lord. It is so, SO, SO INCREDIBLY STUPID.

I had a nightmare in my day dream, diary. How can I put this... I saw Azkaal reincarnated, and I was in a building, but turning into an archangel. How loathsome. I looked at my surrounding with disgust, and the voices are urging me to get people to safety. I unwillingly became people's guardians. I was forced to go against my own way...

I fear one day that will happen.

No no.

CRISPR is Cool.

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