Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ninja Gaiden

Never played the game, but these two come together quite well:


BTW, why is Ryu Hayabusa in so many SFM porno? It's kind of funny that there is a zipper there (that doesn't make sense bc it's a circle) lol but if you can look past it I guess. Came across more bestiality stuff today, I mean ogre and stuff. How can people jerk off to that? Can you actually get hard watching off-putting creatures fucking a nice game character? That's something I never get in porn. It just looks disgusting. Shame, FOW could've produced a bunch of cool stuff, but those guys are into that shit. They've got some really neat animators. For some of the other clips (not work in progress), I can do a better job sticking a random IK in there. I just, I'm not allowing myself to do it, OK?

Anyways, I'll just steer clear of those.

The Ryu Hayabusa theme in Orochi is rad tho. I have a couple of favorites. One of those is the Osaka... Osaka Castle, yeah. I was playing that track in my headphone IN Osaka Castle when I visited it. Nice view up there. There were drawings of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, when I saw them that's when a part of me broke cuz he looks nothing like in the games. Sometimes I wonder if I prefer the fantasy, even though it's a more confined space from time to time. I decided that I'd get the best of both worlds. I'll learn history, but I won't identify the less hot version of anyone.

Pretty neat eh?

Anyway that's probably too much porn for today - for this month even, maybe. I'll stop. I said I'll stop already!

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