Saturday, July 8, 2017

nice cold dishes

I went out for 2 hours today. It was like nothing.

People are overwhelmed. No one wants to work in the retail industry. I totally get it. But it's easy at the same time. They'll be fine.

Got a Frankfurt invitation mang. I don't know if I should go.

I hear something ROLLING in the sky!!'


OMG it rained for a minute and my window was open because it was blowing that way, and this scary looking bug flew in! It's like a scorpion with wings WTF. Let me Google it to be sure. FUCK ME. It's not that big diary, it's like little and black, but it's really tough and really fucking scary. I wrapped it up in 3 layers of tissues cus there is no way in hell for me to touch it for anything less. I squeezed the tissue ball hard but it's not harmed at all! WTF!! I had to throw the ball out of the window and the moment it's out of my grip the damn thing flew out like nothing happened. Good Lord. I never litter, I was going to get changed and throw it in the trashcan outside like I did to the cockroach. But I felt like the damn thing could get out of the tissue ball any second. Fuck me. I have to be careful with the window now.

The thing is I was right there. I was right there looking at the rain and the damn thing flew in. What about the 99% other times I was looking away? Holy Hell. All sorts of damn things are flying out there.

I'm going to have to turn it down, diary. All the praise in anticipation - that's what a normal human being wants. It does not fit into the larger plan. I'm glad Europa recognize... acknowledge me, but it doesn't know how great I am yet. I am GREATER than what they now know by ten fold

God factor. Ten thousand fold. A hundred thousand fold. It doesn't mean anything.

That's it for now. Thanks for keeping me on track.

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