Sunday, July 9, 2017

mad dog & radio

Man, the elevator reeks of dog. Wet dog. Dogs sweat in summer too, you know, don't think I don't know. I bet everyone in the building has a dog.. dogz, cept me. It's OK. It's 2 minutes, but I'm not sure if I brought some of that smell home. I'm sensitive to smell now. Like a dog  

Oh diary. I can't find that hentai porno. I'm not even sure porn is a sexual thing to me now. I haven't had a new character since I revisited JoJo, and I think because it was a revisit it didn't last very long- I'm just not horny now. I can totally do without. That's why I'm watching hentai more than porn these days. I say these days. I don't watch much porn in general, let me think.

I don't have any account on any of the porn sites. I think the last time I checked out porn hub was 2 months ago. Once every 2-3 months, I suppose. I used to go on xhamster, or hamsterx, wait a second. X hamster. OK. I used to go there about 2 years ago.  I'm just not into video porn. Up until college I only read nasty adult stories. Now here is the technicality of it. I have never- because I don't even need to- shove anything under there. Any physical stimulation is to bring out dopamine or whatever in the pleasure center in the brain. If you can do it locally in the brain, there is no need to do stuff physically even. How great is that? Only for people with great imagination and brain processing powerz. Besides, once I see the people it kind of ruins it. Here is one thing I never get about porn, why is it that the men are always hideous? God they're hard to look at. Is it a comfort... some sort of illusion for men who watch this - that tells them it's OK to be hideous and they'll still be able to find someone to fuck? True but it's common sense. I don't get it. How come there are no standard for men? I mean, some of these male viewers- they gotta feel gross about it too. I'm trying to see it from a new angle. Think about it. Would I watch a porno starring a very hot guy and a very ugly girl? For novelty, maybe, but it doesn't feel right. Why do they only use hideous guys?

At the end of the day it doesn't matter, porn is just boring. Oh right, the hentai I couldn't find. I remember watching it a few months ago. I skipped, of course. It happened in this library. The girl bends down to pick something up and the guy just fucks her while she's down. She's like "how could you~" and he's like "cuz you bent like dat". I remember very clearly this girl has long purple hair. Anyway I wanted to watch that part again cause it felt funny this morning. I couldn't find it. It's OK.

I've grown past tentacles totally. To think back on it, I was only into it for about a year in highschool- or junior high, I can't remember actually. Porn/Hentai is supposed to be on the frontier of innovation, sad thing is there are only so many genres and styles. Magical girls are interesting if it's not tentacles. I can't stand anything too cartoony, often meaning childlike/cute. Sometimes I misclick on a piece where the girl's boobs are too small and I feel grossed out. I hope there is some sort of tracking operation identifying people who watch hentai with overly young characters, you know. That is my knowledge- a man who doesn't like big boobs is FUCKED UP. Not interested in incest, any domestic stuff is a turn off. School is OK, just barely. Perverse knight stories are cool. How do people get off on the same stuff over and over again? I can't.

How do you define an orgasm? I think it's the moment you snap back to reality. That's when you know you've had an orgasm. While it's happening it's not really a point. The snapping is a point, so.

Anyway I hope all people have less and less need and want for sex from now. There is just so much work you need to do to trick yourself into thinking you want it. It's silly, isn't it? Men can't stop thinking about sex and women can't stop thinking about relationships. It's so silly.

The dogs are absolutely mad on this street. Earlier this afternoon I heard two barking so hard like they wanted to rip each other apart.

It's all OK, diary. I'm calm and peaceful. It's a nice summer, let's enjoy it.

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