Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kitchen sink

GOT is back on and I didn't even notice. I have no excitement or anticipation for this series whatsoever. However I am compelled to watch it because inevitably, Goddammit, diary, INEVITABLY, people I come across will want to talk about it. Casual ones fo sho. There may be a select few exceptions. Some of those are my best friends.

I was going to tell you about the kitchen sink. Oh my word, did you see how clean the kitchen sink is? Spotless. Thank the Good Lord for industrial solvent. I am moved to cook a meal just so I can clean the dishes. Did I really say that?

No no. I'm just saying, you have to clean more often in summer. I can't stand a sink with spots! When thoroughly cleaned, every ordinary object or surface is a work of art. Don't let my "agent" hear that.

I love my antiseptic home.

Oh, speaking of which, a different author- Patrick Rothfuss- though I don't care for his work and I've written him off since I read a Kingkiller novel, I found out the other day he is pretty chill, rating books and giving a bunch of reviews and all. He is a pretty down to earth dude. So, a good human being, a bad writer.

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