Monday, July 24, 2017

I miss the rain.

It stopped a few hours ago, actually.

I had no responsibility - other than to God, I suppose, when it rained for days one time when I was little.

Everybody, the neighbors, the news, the school, everyone was just so panicked over it. They felt life was disrupted, their precious little routines compromised, economic damage, crops... I didn't understand those at the time, nor did I care.

I just... the rains...

I was... just so... fascinated...

Even thinking about it... it's so mesmerizing... You know, you could study the shapes of cloud, currents, atmosphere, and be a weather forecaster yourself. I never studied those... oh wait, no I never studied those for this particular reason. But every day I check the weather report, in fact I check it every few hours cept in sleep, hoping it'll rain.

This is a very sunny place.

Cloudy days never brought me down.

They don't necessarily "lift up my spirit", nothing does that, but when I think about it, I can get how no one's spirit is "lifted up" by cloudiness.

I just like it so much.

Why? What quaint little analysis you got for me?

I know what it could be, and I know what it isn't.

No reason in particular. Sometimes now when I see inane argument, I mean long, "facts"-ridden yet wrong arguments from mis-legitimized scholars under 40, I just think of soothing things and don't get mad anymore. Not a sweeping generalization, just high probability. I'm telling you, people are less dumb after 40, especially after 50, cause they read more news. By people I mean people in academia. A late 20 something or 30 somethings will easily blab about anything and everything they think they may know, but they just talk, diary. Their points are so unoriginal and so forced, and the only purpose is to impress. Good Lord. I know, people are social creatures, they need to impress even on the internet. Ah, especially when internet is linked to their real life.

Some people's faith is indestructible, and I think it only springs from purity. For others, let's call it "beliefs"- they are brittle. I do what seems fun, and I know I don't need to give them sympathy. They don't need it, and shouldn't have any.

Ah, oh well.

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