Friday, July 14, 2017

head is off

I feel like my neck is about to snap any second.

I had a rich dream last night. The first part was too easy to understand. I was helping two "friends" i & h making videos. Nothing worth thinking about there.

The second part of the dream, the longer part, too, is very interesting. We're at yet another exotic location that is high in the mountains. The grass is yet again particularly memorable. It's an adventure. Oh a sea of grass, and how green it is! There is a structure made of pure white whole dragon skeletons. Tens of them. They're just there. And around this corner, against the backdrop of impossibly clear blue sky, a woman was dancing naked in the grass. She was so deliciously black, she was so rich, diary. Technically you would call it fat, but she is just like this creature- and her boobs are SOOOOO liquid and large, oh my God. She's just dancing so wildly, and her boobs just... their movement was almost tidal, too, but also like being directed by wind. It was such a fresh, adventurous moment, being in that mountain, seeing the white dragon skeletons and this black dancing creature. She doesn't talk, diary. I didn't talk either. Who needs to talk?

There is light and greenness in every good dream. It was so... other-worldly. I never got close to the white dragon skeletons, but it felt so familiar. It's like I've been on that path a thousand times.

I got to thinking about solitary... solitude, diary. Is that the direction we're going, as a whole?

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