Sunday, July 16, 2017

Daily Intake

I've figured it out, diary. Now remember this because it's important.

1. I must not eat before 10pm or after 11pm.

2. My daily calorie need is around 600 kcal.

3. My daily water need (indoor) is 400-600ml or (outdoor) 1000ml.

4. I must sleep 7-10 hours per 30 hours.

5. 30g leaves salad / day, or <200g other vegetables (uncooked wt)

6. 1-2 portions of fruit / day ( 2 pears, 200g of cherries or 40g berries *factor in water intake )

7.  <100g meat or fish / day

8. allow margin of fluctuation @ 10%

9. Remember, if your intake vary by >10% you will give in to fatigue, and possibly pass out

10. If you deviate greatly from this for a long time, YOU WILL DIE

P.S. <10ml alcohol / day, no more than 30ml/week

It's hard to see that you... I'm living in excess. You really have to figure it out and put a number on it. I have. It's surprising that this is normal, but at least now I know.

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