Saturday, July 29, 2017

Banishing Cockroach FOREVER

I begin to wonder how filthy my neighbors are. Another cockroach crawled in from under the door, luckily I saw it before it made its way any further. I was going to catch it (wearing pastic bag ofc) and toss it outside of the window, but it's fucking late and the damn thing was frightening. I ended up opening the door and chased it away. I knew I had to do something.

There had been a thin layer of sponge under the door but it's worn off. It could've fended off pests. I took a piece of bubble wrap and trimmed it into strips, I took the tape and stuck the strips under the door, rough side down ofc. I don't think another cockroach will invade my home this way.

I'm sweating, diary. There are a number of "once and for all" things... "living in a metropolis" is one of them. I wouldn't blame it on living in a city entirely, and I can't even imagine what a hellish experience it is to live in New York City. I've heard so many horror stories. But facts are facts. There are more people living in city center, duh, and inevitably there will be more filthy ones.

I am ready to move to the countryside in 3 years. Well not necessarily countryside, maybe a small enough city. And I know exactly where I'm going to go. It's where I was planning on going in the first place, I only changed my mind the last minute. I still don't know if it's a good idea. Yeah I've seen some shit, but... I'm not a city person.

It's typical. God wouldn't want me to live without hardship or torture, or fear, really. It's a special kind of fear and I have lots of it.

Not talking about cockroaches.

Dear Lord, diary.

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