Friday, July 21, 2017

a la apocalypse - no

Reddit has this "trick", get tens of thousands of upvote on posts hoping to change Google search result by attaching the person's picture with colorful names. I doesn't work. Tens of thousands of redditors still do it. Well it's easy to say why. Reddit's userbase is like Facebook's userbase now, which is not entirely like Twitter's userbase and definitely not like Tumblr's userbase.  Do you realize- DO YOU REALIZE- for a normal ordinary average Joe, you have to choose from two very unsavory camps?

But you don't have to choose. The minority, let me rephrase- though in minority, the powerful, no, the smart, yeah, maybe- they aren't at any of those places. They probably were never there to begin with.

It doesn't make me happy how disconnected these and those people actually are. Our differences are becoming more and more pronounced, don't you think? Cause everyone can have their own bubble now. How stupid.

Even if net neutrality is compromised - or is no longer a thing, it's not the apocalypse. It won't fuel an uprising, Goodness. I really don't think so.

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