Friday, May 5, 2017

What then, what now?

I am a silly turnip.

If you look at Facebook and Twitter. It's the simplest thing I think a lot of people overlook.

At Facebook you can have 5,000 connections, beyond that everyone will have to follow you. At Twitter you frequently see accounts with over 100K followers. You can follow people on Facebook, too, but it isn't the same. So people end up setting up pages. It's not very good.

Because Facebook is nuts about personal data. They demand your realest personal data and they hoard it. They disbanded my account 3 times now, I don't blame them, cuz all the names I've been using. Some of them don't even look real.

But in rare, rare occasions like this, it feels good to have an one-on-one conversation. I guess humans need closeness, that's why Facebook is still more popular than Twitter even though in my opinion Twitter is better than Facebook. Google still hasn't given up Google+, but they should really know more functionality doesn't mean better usability.

At the end of the day, I never feel comfortable making home at some website where I have to worry about my account or follow their rules. But it's nice to know things are accessible. I imagine if I grew up in anywhere but China, this stuff would be essential. Actually even then I'm an early adopter, sort of. I was there around 2007, I think. Wait. Maybe this hasn't anything to do with where I grew up. All the connections I've ever made, I had no intention of keeping up with them. People are always sort of transient to me. That you should keep in touch with people you know in the past for the fact you know them- never quite makes sense to me.

I guess it's OK.

But for now I'm back on Facebook for a bit. I don't know how Facebook determines you are not using real personal information. All previous suspensions were without warning, I barely ever post. But I'm using my real name this time, well in a "few" years. So it's kind of a big deal. It's pretty ridiculous to think someone over there, or some algorithm, can take away all your connections and history. For that I will never "put my heart" into the platform so to speak, really, I just mean "time".

But, yeah. OK.

Praise Good Lord for indulging me for a bit today. Thank you.

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