Thursday, May 4, 2017

What is a neighborhood

Look at these life blocks stacked on top of each other.

Pretty interesting that a whole lot of humans have adapted to this new spatial existence.

There are so many of them. Look! Here is a neighborhood over here... and there is a neighborhood over there. It is as though I'm seeing it for the first time.

How pointless!

Oh, the stacking.

But when I was in Shanghai, or Beijing, and saw the skyscrapers, I did not feel such aversion toward stacking. Well I was only there for a few days each time I went. Let me think. Yeah, I think it's going to be extra sickening if I were to ever live there.

All sorts of stacking. When you go somewhere, you have to stand in a line. That's stacking. All sorts of rank within a small group of people. It's no way to live.

Mega rank is pretty cool though.

A neighborhood, or a residential building, does not have function for the outside. Don't make me look at such useless fucking things. That is why I don't enjoy "just strolling around". How terrifying it is to live in a neighborhood where there is nothing but residential buildings and corner shops and some small, unimpressive park. Just so people can live. 


So they took my DNA samples in hair, blood, flakes and eggs. I got progressively more and more bored during the process. Are they a research center or some DNA storage company?

I suppose they will put it away with a bunch of others, some day they may do stuff with it. Or not. I say good luck- I suppose this is one of those "for science" things, eh? I told them very clearly what they are probably looking for is not in my genes. And those "scientists", being raging atheists, of course scoffed it off. They're hopeless.

Life is something I have to consider for myself. All these new lives, the proliferation. There must be a purpose to it. Each addendum is an opportunity, not for themselves, or humanity- but for God... a new chance to explore the question.

I am fond of "miracles". It's just we can't see past our ignorance.

I know me, but I don't know God... that well.  I feel like a lot of things are happening, and I am involved from time to time, but except those times, I am so removed from it all. I wanted it, so I can see the things that are happening clearly. It is so difficult to try to understand God.

God. A lot of praises.

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