Tuesday, May 2, 2017


That's right, I'm silly.

What I thought was due to wind or cold, sorry "cold", was actually due to sunburn.

That's OK.

17.4% body fat? While I'm binging on ice cream? Not too bad, not too fucking bad.

I've had enough ice cream though. I ate about 4 per day for two weeks so, there is a threshold for everything. I'm into fruit now.

I know, none of it is important.

I'm still dwelling on lessons I have learned in the past three days. It's really good to have a role model.

God even gave me two packs once, but then it took it back. I distinctly remember 3 years ago waking up one day and finding out I had two packs. Like right there, but below it's not too pronounced so I don't think I can say it's a six pack. I was honestly so surprised because I have horrible diet and life habits (to this day), and I genuinely thought it may be fat. But why would fat appear in the shape of abs am I right? I actually went to the doctors and they were like lol you should know when you work out and expect the work to be paid off one day. People called me "fit". It's bizarre. I never... extremely rarely exercise. So I had this God-given abs for 3 years until one day God took it back. I can still get it sometimes like at an angle, but it's generally gone.

And I have no idea how I maintain a 17% body fat while binging on ice cream. I have no idea. I walked 2 hours per day for 3 days, and my feet's got blisters and I'm drained to 10% HP. I literally have to rest. I don't know why I look so athletic.

// I can tell the temperature when I'm outside, but only if it's 21-23C. If it's above 23C, it's too hot. If it's below 21C, it's too cold. If it's 21-23C, I know because I'm alright, and I can sense exactly the alright-ness in cool (21C), comfortable (22C) or balmy (23C). Graciously, the weather had been GREAT during the weekend, especially the morning after it rained. I had a great walk. On a side note, I didn't notice before there was a huge! Huge! Like 3 stories high thermometer thing attached to the building on one of the main calles near the Plaza. That's so interesting.

But once every two years (literally) I get a burst of will to train myself for strength. This happened now. Once the blisters are gone I'm going to start. I have always been super active (as in going to places) in summer and I think it will work out nicely.

Praise Good Lord. I behold God's wonder and miracle when I look in the mirror. How can someone be this fragile and appear so healthy?

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