Monday, May 15, 2017

Portion Control

I need to seriously reconsider cooking my own food. I made spaghetti today, about 100-140g I guess. It took me 4 hours to eat.

I need to eat small portions from now bit by bit. I feel like I'm filled up to my throat. I probably really need only very little. I kind of beginning to understand why people choose to eat only berries and whatnot when they can. It's small and nutritious and quick.

I'll see if I can survive on berries. "Survive", yeah sure. I mean, relatively healthily. Yeah I see the reason to renounce carbs, I always thought it's insipid because it's always these insipid people in movies, or in Hollywood irl who say they do this type of thing. Or when they try to go on a diet. But maybe it has practical reasons. Because it doesn't take over your body for hours. This is fucking expensive, I can't be eating a large meal like this at home ever again.

Yeah fruit sounds great. Not trying to be faggoty or anything. They're just quick. And you can control the portion. I don't feel like cooking anymore anyway. So.

Sorry for the inane post. Still trying to decide which way to swing it. I think it'll work better without my face. What they say is true: know your strength and weaknesses. Sadly while my face is a plus, showing it would be a negative. I will not be drenched in deep regret. God would want me to stay in the shadows. I shouldn't spoil it for a little diversion.


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