Friday, May 19, 2017




OH!!!!!!!!!!!! MY!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU SEEING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU HEARING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG DIARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIARY LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THERE IS A!!!!!!!!!!! SYMPHONY CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!





I can hardly contain myself.

I... I.. I was wondering where all the intrigue with Poland was leading to... now I know- God oh Glorious God. Your magical ways. You put Battle of the Nations on my doorstep and now you let me in on yet another treat.

Oh Good Lord.  Thank you.

Mark the date it's 27-10-2017, it's October 27, 5 months from now. National Forum of Music in Wrocław.

Wait, is Paul Romero actually coming? Oh it's another fellow. Guess it'll be like a fan meetup thing then, eh?

Well I am stoked nonetheless.

I've never heard game tracks played in a public space before. That alone is enough to excite me. Also never met a Heroes fan before irl beside my childhood friends. Haven't seen them in over 10 years... though I'm not sure how I will react, if at all, when the time comes.

I'm just happy to go to this thing. If they play Heroes III Main Title, no matter how they tweak it, so long it's recognizable, I'm going to be so overflowing with joy I just might beam literally.

Will you please listen to the Rampart theme I'm listening to right now. The memory of recruiting pegasus as a 6-year-old is still so vivid.

Pegasus are awesome.

You know it's summer and I... I can't stop hearing Summer Plains playing in the back of my mind, it makes everything so... Summer, you know? I... there is no telling how much I love Heroes. I really, really am looking forward to this.

Well. The next thing is to consider whether to spend some more time in Poland. That can wait, of course.

I'm more interested in whether this is a sign of God approving the direction of my work or enticing me to differ. I did have a major breakthrough today; it carries great... or grave, consequences. It's definitely something God has a stance on. But it could be a coincidence also ...  after all, I am just another die that God likes to see roll on its own.

I say my prayers and I am devout. Whether these gifts are signs or not, I am making headways. God has my gratitude and Fate is being fulfilled.

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