Sunday, May 7, 2017



"moving things."

Deductions based on loose analogies should be taken with a ton of salt. But not all things and problems follow a linear logic do they.


Every time I listen to Silent Hill soundtracks...

I'm not listening to it now.

There are so many choices for everyone. So many ways to live. I've always, always, always looked at people as a bunch of dice. In the metaphorical plane, all spread out, rolling, and, which point is the stop? The definitive point of a die, is very well before death. When does the die stop rolling?

Therefore there are a lot of noises. Coming from everywhere. Which is why maintaining peace and quiet is so important. But. I live in the city center.

Should I trust the authority of the respective scholars in the data dump? It is a trove of treasure in my opinion, but it is a data dump. I can check their background, but I have yet to have found a way to inform myself of reliability of their research. I can't be too skeptical. At the end of the day, the most powerful tool is the very much intrinsic reasoning power, plus data. So anything that isn't data is subject to...

The knowledge of unscrupulous practices in research science makes my head hurt. I don't know if the... the margin of error should have decreased over the years in all fields. It's the impression that.. no no. I have to trust something.

That said, businesses are opening and closing. If you don't want to leave "half life un-lived", so to speak, maybe it's time to consider the left-hand path.

So to speak, so to speak.

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