Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm such a retard.

Dear Diary:

I'm sorry, I'm so silly. I can't think of things. OMG I'm so sorry. I am a foolish girl. First I poisoned myself with potato with sprouts on dem, now I forgot ze ticket. I'm so sorry.

What would be a suitable punishment? Fasting? Oh dear. Oh my word.

God's wisdom shines through the cloud and becomes my savior. Good Lord. Goodness. I swear I will try to be more worthy in the future. I swear. I will be more worthy. I am not this foolish. I really shouldn't be. Goodness. Oh wow.

Thank you. Thank you Good Lord. I won't let you down. Goodness.



Oh wait!




I had one of those simulation dreams. Fully played out a scenario that prolly has to do what I've been wrongly to entertain in the past 2+ years.  It also puts some other things in perspective. This really is a docile age is my conclusion. That's why so many people are complacent. And for those who speak out- there isn't a lack of them- unless they make change happen, so the end justifies the means, it won't be pretty. I feel like I've already expressed that yesterday, but it was fully played out in a dream scenario, so. I would fall so hard if I try.

But you can't look away, can you? The facts are conflicting both sides' ideologies.

Yeah I know, there are other things going on. I know, I'm working on it. I just choose to talk to you about this stuff, because it occurred to me I actually can't talk to anyone else about it, you know. For one, it's none of my business. But, it's like I said, how can you look away? It's so interesting.

Oh Wow. Worm Ouroboros is like the BEST fantasy fiction I've ever read. It boggles my mind how I only read it now. It's so, so great. I really want to remember who recommended it to me, they have GREAT TASTES.


Italians are brilliant. They too are a jolly people. I must look into this. I must study it.


I have concerns.



Small queen.




Fantasy about "Secret Service Agency"




Neck hurts. Stop craning over the desk.

You know, I... I thought about it over and over. There is certain cold-bloodness that's required for you to be not distracted. Maybe I'm more usual than I think. I admit some of it is not curiosity, maybe I'm stressed or tired. I would be. But it shouldn't stop me.

Penguins will cheer me up, for sure. North, West. Lake. Ocean.


Sort of Shards.

Probably. Probability.

I'll find it.

When you look at it, there is too much happening in one day.

Fluid. Nothing is repetitive. Torture. I love this torture.

Far better than waiting. Far better than stillness.


The End.

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