Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I had no idea Katy Perry is so popular

Wow, all of her music videos have like a gazillion of views...

And that song is called ET? Oh now I know. I heard in the mall before.

Wow I mean it's not like I would otherwise mistake her for an indie singer or anything but now I know.

Now I know Katy Perry, Adele, Taylor Swift (not really, can't name 1 song/don't know which one is hers I just know she's popular) and Lady Gaga. And Britney Spears!

Aren't you amazed at how resistant I am to Pop Culture?  Like people say it's so toxic but if you ask me if you don't pay attention IT AIN'T THERE.

So funny.

Oh I know Miley Cyrus also. And the girl who sang / played in the video Anaconda, she's like curvy and black? But like golden black like she has glitter on or something?

Willful ignorance works.

Oh I also know Imaginary Dragon? They are the one who did the music video in a dank basement about sparks or something? Oh wow I almost know 10.

Avril Lavigne. Can't pretend I don't know Avril Lavigne, though that's from over 10 years ago.

That's pretty much it. Cool!

Sometimes you are proud of your ignorance on certain topics. This isn't one of those times but it's so funny.

Edit: I saw the ET video because I finally decided to look up Kanye West and that was the most popular video even though it's only a "ft". But now there is a "Duke" no "Drake" character and I can't tell them apart and I'm just letting you know I'm not investigating anymore.

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