Saturday, May 13, 2017

God Help Me

God helped me correct a mistake today. Goodness. Thanks.

And about the thing I said yesterday, I know where it went wrong. I don't like hurting people's feelings actually, it's about the last thing I want in human interaction. So in order to not hurt anyone anymore, I will refrain from letting them get in contact with me. Every time I stray from God's direction I fail. The people are fine, they are really fine. I just really don't need mediocrity in my life.

I dug myself out of it. Hey, now that I have expressed my sympathy for others, maybe we can focus on my hurt feelings. Well, I don't have hurt feelings, just boredom mostly. Annoyance derived from boredom. It's amazing how you can become aggressively bored.

I plan to attend church regularly next week. Boy it's not like I have a bunch of free time but this is one way to utilize it. People... People...

I feel like, for ordinary people, most people, the less you know about them, the more interesting they seem. Nobody has unique problems.

Lots to sample.

Some people are under the impression that WW3 is going to be about the rest of the world vs Islam. First of all, it's not possible. WW3 is never going to be about Muslims just like WW2 wasn't about Jews. They might be casualties and victims but it's just not the sort of interest that incites warring. People don't fight over people, people may persecute people, but people only fight for things. It's very important.

But let's entertain this. Why is it impossible? You can't erase a religion like that. The only way for an idea to go away is for it to be forgotten. Going to war over it is like the best way of preservation. Those people don't see that. Similarly, wait not similarly, but on that note, you can't exterminate Muslims. Not only genocide will never be approved anymore ever again in perpetuity, you are never going to find people who are 1/8 Muslim. What the hell is that supposed to mean anyway? Just that their great parents believed in Islam. But they themselves can't be 1/8 Muslim. You are either a Muslim or not a Muslim. You can be a Muslim on weekdays and a Christian on the weekends. Most people can't cope with the mental gymnastics nor do they have the interest, point is, it's a belief. There is no "Muslim blood" or anything. It's not in the genes. You literally can't "identify" this shit.

So no.

Are we the only generation who hasn't seen large scale war? Can you imagine. That the last large scale war is already over? That there will never be another world war on this planet? Does that sound realistic to you?

Forever peace sounds romantic, even if it means neverending mediocrity.  I... don't know.  I really feel like the best time is long gone. Cause however better life is going to get, on those measurable scales, there is less and less beauty, lesss and less grandeur, and less and less ingenuity. You really going to measure the success of a civilization, a society by how quickly package is delivered to your door, how many bitrates that streamed entertainment, the various home improvements? The filters on a small or big enough phone? Pills? Robots? Flying cars? Aren't they all human-centric horseshit. Nobody has ideals anymore. It's all customers, accountants and vendors.

I know this now. The only noble science is that does not concern itself with humans.

This earth is one chance. Humanity is not going to get a second chance on Mars.

I'm not calling to protect the environment or anything, I'm genuinely curious. I can't fathom a war-less world, as in, in this century.  It's not our nature.  And it's humanity's nature to go out with a bang, like a supernova.

Good news is we can already do God's tally. God will know after this one experiment is over how well or worse we fared compared to others. Holistically, holistically, let's look at things holistically. Let's live on a different plane even. Just so it's clear.

Anything. Anything.

Do you see anything and everything.

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